Elevate Recipes with Pinestone

Adding nuts and dried fruits are a quick and easy way to spice up any recipe at home. Dried fruits are a great way to incorporate the perfect combination of sweet and tangy, while nuts give a natural crunch. Not only is it delicious, but it's always a fantastic way to sneak some healthy protein and nutrition into your meals. 
1. Brighten up your mornings and sprinkle some energy packed additions to your plain bagel. Sprinkle our antioxidant mix for a delicious one-two punch of sweet dried fruits and savory nuts.
2. Limiting sugar intake can be difficult when trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Instead of completely cutting out sweets, replace your sugary snacks with healthy alternatives. A handful of walnuts with figs can help quell your sweet tooth, and provide a health boost. 
3. Cocktails don't have to be limited to two ingredients! Add a sweet kick with some fruits and garnish with our cranberries - fun and full of antioxidants! 
4. Charcuterie plates are a fun way to bring together friends and family. Make your own personal board at home with meats, fruit, and of course - nuts. Almonds are a great addition to charcuterie plates as they offer a great crunchy texture.
5. Brighten up one-dimensional breakfast foods by folding in chopped nuts. The pairings are endless! Sprinkle our dried fruits over your creations for added flavor and color. 
6. Salads are a great way to incorporate more healthy greens into your diet. Spice them up with some crunchy nuts and dried fruits. Our nut and dried fruit mixes are a quick and easy way to add toppings to your salads.